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Differences Between Glass Tints And Window Films

Differences between Glass Tints and Window Films

Like us, our cars need some form of protection against harsh weather conditions; moreover, it is the same for those inside the car. This is the reason why a large majority of vehicles have window tinting.

Auto window tinting is crucial as it saturates powerful ultraviolet rays and diminishes glare and sultriness from entering the vehicle. Furthermore, window tinting offers privacy and safety for those seeking it inside of the car. As an added bonus, it complements the vehicle’s overall look.

Courtesy of the car manufacturers, most vehicles are sold with factory tinting, usually found on the rear glass and the top of the windshield. You can, however, undertake further tinting at auto performance garages such as ours. If you’re not in the Oxford area, be sure to shop around to find the most trusted automotive shop with experienced personnel.

Window tint vs window film

Car window tint and film, are often confused as the same thing when in actual fact they are completely different. The former refers to the tint darkness of window film and the latter, refers to the material used for window tinting.

The tint’s darkness usually varies between 5-20%, with a variation of designs and installation services.

Car window tint assists with blocking UV rays, solar heat and glare. Factory tints are a prime example, usually done by the manufacturer before being released for sale. You can find out more about the benefits of window tinting in our last post.

On the other hand, window film is made from a polyester material and is attached to the car windows and can be dyed, metalized, crystalline or ceramic. They are often known to come in black or grey; however, you can arrange different variations of colour.

Other uses

As well as vehicles, window tints are also used for residential and commercial buildings; likewise, they offer privacy and reduce the amount of heat entering the room. They are also a fantastic way to maintain energy and save on electric bills.

Meanwhile, window films can be used in graphic design for advertising and branding purposes. Some automotive shops also give the option of using this material on vehicles for business or personal uses.

How to choose the right window film?

Allegedly, not all window films are suitable for all types of glass. What you choose should depend on the thickness, compatibility and window construction. Furthermore, selecting the right film is important as you need to be sure it will not crack under thermal stress. Contact us if you need further help or advice.

Below are some tips for proper window film and tint care;

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Differences Between Glass Tints And Window Films